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Blockchain fintech solutions

The ecosystem includes the capabilities of a classic bank with centralized management, as well as all the advantages of a decentralized solution working with cryptocurrency funds.

We accept:
+20 cryptocurrencies
Max discount: 75%

ends in:

Buy Tokens
Soft Cap
$ 15 mil.
Hard Cap
$ 350 mil.
$ 300 000
Next stage: PRE-ICO, Max discount: 25%
Components of Duty Ecosystem
Commercial Invoices
Natural Persons
management and
Passive management and trading
Advantages of the platform
2Ресурс 10
Account safety

Application of Google Autenticator technical decision with the change of the account password every 20-30 seconds.

2Ресурс 6
Off-exchange exchange

Support of off-exchange P2P exchange directly between users

2Ресурс 4
Mortgage accounting based on blockchain

Safe and reliable storage of users documents with a quick acsess possibility

2Ресурс 8
Mortgage lending

A unique possibility to get a mortgage lending secured on the most popular cryptocurrencies and Des tokens for up to 10 years

2Ресурс 16

Guarantees the isolated performance of conditions that were specified before, without any possibility of changing them.

2Ресурс 14
Based on Graphene-blockchain

Allows to develop and use smart-contracts, including the Escrow-deals realization

2Ресурс 1
Artificial intelligence

All users data will pass through the smart-algorithm, based on the artificial intelligence

2Ресурс 12
KYC identification

Elimination of the possibility to access the platform for the potentially dangerous persons, connected with fraudulent operations

Video of Duty Ecosystem
Ecosystem products

Own Exchange

more than 2800 tools

At the moment our exchange supports the next cryptocurrencies: XRP, BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, and others.
More than 2000 traders are signed up and successfully trade.

Duty Fly deposit/withdrawal options:
+20 cryptocurrencies

Passive investment management

operations are open and transparent

As part of the interaction, the contributor does not translate to the account of the fund own funds, but only provides keys to access it account via API.

We cooperate with 30 exchanges and 40 brokerage companies in the top rankings of financial markets.


Contributor`s dashboard

purchase any number of DES tokens

As part of the ICO, it is planned to raise funds using Graphene's own unique Blockchain in order to purchase two banks and follow registration of the third.

Purchase and charging of DES tokens is regulated terms of a smart contract.


Precious metals


In the Duty Ecosystem ecosystem, there will be a unique opportunity to buy gold / silver for DES tokens or other cryptocurrency units, as well as for fiat funds in your personal banking account of Duty Bank

Duty Ecosystem Tokenomics

DES token

DES token is based on the Graphene blockchain. At the ICO stage, it is a utility, and accordingly it does not represent the possibilities of digital currencies, securities or other types of financial instruments.


Token name


Token cost

1 billion

Token quantity

The Duty Ecosystem will present a unique opportunity to get a mortgage loan secured by DES tokens for a period of up to 10 years.

Securing the demand for a token is reinforced by effective PR campaign.

Token owners with more than 100,000 DES receive an exclusive crypto-fiat card from Duty Ecosystem for free.

DES tokens can be used as an investment in new projects of the ecosystem, as well as to pay for services and commissions at a discount.

Tokens distribution
70% Contributors
of project
5% Referral
5% Team
of project
5% Consultants
of project
8% Bounty
5% Fund
of project
2% Airdrop
The distribution of funds
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01.01.19 - 31.01.19
Soft Cap - $15 000 000
01.02.19 - 31.02.19
Middle Cap - $120 000 000
01.03.19 - 31.05.19
Hard Cap - $350 000 000
Road Map
Q1 2018 Launch of the Talisant Commerce Passive Investment Management Service
Q4 2018 Launch of the Duty Ecosystem investor`s dashboard
Q4 2018 Launch of the ICO campaign website Deseco.io
Q4 2018 Launch of the Duty Fly exchange
Q4 2018 Duty Ecosystem banking mobile application development
Q1 2019 Private Pre-ICO Round
Q1 2019 • Pre-ICO Round
• Launch of the Duty blockchain
Q2-Q4 2019 • ICO Round
• Purchase of banks
• Issuance of crypto-fiat payment cards
Q1 2019 • Project information placing on listings
• Launch of the Talisant Commerce Investment Management Dashboard
Q1-Q2 2019 Duty Ecosystem Events: London, Istanbul, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Paris
Q1 2020 Obtainment of permissions and licenses in Estonian jurisdiction
Q2 2020 • Launch of digital letters credit system
• Implementation of lending on the platform
Q3 2020 Launch of the Duty payment card processing
Q2 2020 Expansion of the Duty Ecosystem to Europe, Asia and USA regions
Q2 2020 Launch of the Duty payment system with low commissions and support of more than 20 currencies
Q1 2021 Launch of the public API for developers and White Label solutions
Q2 2021 Increase the exchange turnover with the growth of the Duty Ecosystem liquidity
Q4 2021 Creation and introduction of a long term strategic plan for the Duty Ecosystem development
Q1 2021 Launch of the global processing services to the corporate client
Q2 2021 Registry of digital banking guarantees
Providing the conduction of crypto-fiat transactions. We are going to offer a fintech banking platform for our clients, making comfort, access of various clients with any type of financial backgrounds and introduction of new technologies the main priorities of our operation in the market.
These are the components of Duty Ecosystem: Banks, Duty fly trading exchange, Talisant Commerce - passive investments management service.
We have started the Talisant Commerce service for passive investments management, our own Duty Fly exchange and also the functioning MVP of a project on Graphene-blockchain.
Will be eligible to secure mortgage or consumer loans secured on crypto currency pawn. Electronic letters of credit will be introduced too. The clients will be able to open multi currency accounts with the most liquid currencies in the market
It is planned to purchase 2 banks and register the trird one, obtaining licenses for operational activities with fiat and cryptocurrency funds, issuance of own payment cards.
Using our own mathematical algorithms, we provide customers with up to 15% profit per month.
This system implements safe and reliable storage of user documents with the possibility of quick access to the data.
The main goal of the distributed register is to reduce paperwork. Bringing digital guarantees with identifiers stored in the blockchain.
The client can get a loan secured on DES tokens pawn for up to 10 years, and also purchase des tokens for the amount of the loan balance.
The user will be able to get a loan secured on cryptocurrency or DES tokens pawn. We will offer short-term loans with individual rates.
Transactions will be available in Visa, MasterCard, SWIFT or SEPA systems. The client will be able to pay for the purchase by card in the terminal or online, as well as use the card at an ATM.
In order to reduce the risks of banking operations, there is a verification of individuals in the international practice. The access of potentially dangerous people and prevent any type of fraud.
Yes, it is not mandatory to go through KYC procedure when you register. You can fill in the data at anytime.
DES tokens can be purchased in your account at: https://deseco.io/
We accept ETH, BTC, LTC and other currencies that are available in your account.
Securing demand in the secondary market, obtaining services and a crypto-fiat card are in priority with a significant discount.
According to the bounty-campaign terms, the user can get tokens for registration, reposts, YouTube reviews, active branches / social media management (more details in White Paper).
For the purchase of tokens, bonuses are provided, according to the ICO conduction period.
Media publications
Purchase DES token

In your account, you can buy a DES token through cryptocurrency and fiat funds.

In your account, you can buy a DES token through cryptocurrency and fiat funds.

Referral program

A unique referral program from the Duty Ecosystem has become available to the beneficiaries.

A unique referral program from the Duty Ecosystem has become available to the beneficiaries.

Purchase DES token

In your account, you can buy a DES token through cryptocurrency and fiat funds.

In your account, you can buy a DES token through cryptocurrency and fiat funds.

Run a bounty program

In the personal account, each user has access to all the possibilities of the bounty program.

In the personal account, each user has access to all the possibilities of the bounty program.

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